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LedgerScan Web3 Analytics delivers actionable information for greater transparency by scanning and distilling data from blockchains to support market requirements.

  • About

    LedgerScan is a massive-scale, ledger-agnostic Web3 data processing engine that collects and stores specified blockchain data off-chain. By transforming and storing data from multiple ledgers in a standardized format, LedgerScan can provide near real-time access to this data via API and business intelligence solutions and analytics.

  • Benefits

    • Monitor and report on global transactions for regulatory/AML compliance
    • Conduct risk analyses – for example, liquidity, account credit limits, and margins
    • Analyze transaction history and trends, accounts and balances, and token and wallet events to personalize services and detect anomalies
    • Gain insights into investor types based on token and wallet usage and merged off- and on-chain data

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